"Anytime I have tried to get a hold of someone they have been quick to respond to my calls or emails. I have never once had to worry or stress about my rental property. They are always able to get tenants within a reasonable time. Everyone is really professional and efficient!"

Yunuhen Tinoco

"One of the best decisions I have made is hiring Mavi to manage my rental property. They have been responsive and it is worth every penny to me to have someone deal with the hassles of renting my property. I have no real complaints and recommend them after over ten years."

Jim Holik

"They manage a unit for me and I'm glad I found them. There is great communication between me and the company and also among the company. Everyone does their job diligently and reports to me every time."

Adrian Rojas

"Mavi has managed property for me for over a decade! Their staff is professional, my tenants have great success communicating with them, and they really care. Sean, Lakewood, Colorado"

Sean Bennett

"There have been several details of my rental that MAVI has taken care of very efficiently such as; renters, maintenance on my home and depositing my balance into my account. I especially appreciate getting pictures of my place before and after repairs and upkeep. Thank you MAVI for a great job taking care of me and my place these last 10 years. Keep up the good work."

Nicholas Accardi

"Very professional, and flexible in their approach. They do as much as you need or as little as you need for the property, and always very responsive."

Alejandro Valdes

"Mavi has done a good job of managing our rental properties. While we do not always agree with everything, they are always will to discuss the issue."

Darryl Annett

"I rented from Mavi for years, and even purchased a home with the help of them. Great ownership and staff. I highly recommend this property management company."

Mike Jassem

"Hiring Mavi was the best decision I ever made! They’ve provided great insight and advice for someone that is just entering investment properties. They’ve handled difficult situations promptly and professionally.
I couldn’t be happier with them!"

Jesse Lopez

"Very good at getting back to me quickly. I like working with this company."

Denise Clark

From the owner - "As an Appliance dealer and Repair vendor, MAVI has been wonderful to work with! They are professional and streamlined with their work orders. They work very hard to provide excellent property management services to their property owners and renters. When it comes to quality real estate management, they deliver!" - JR Garcia, Owner of Colorado Appliance Solutions in Littleton, CO.

Colorado Appliance Solutions

"Mavi Unlimited. A great company. A great choice! From the first time I met Debbie at the Rental property, to today, I believe I made an excellent choice in Renting with Mavi Property Management. LOVE, LOVE LOVE. my 1950s house from the charm it exudes while also including all of the modern and updated conveniences I could need. The washer and dryer downstairs need to be replaced. I would prefer a gas stove but it is electric and it works just fine. The staff here have been nothing but kind, courteous and professional with my 81 year Mother and I. Free parking, great location what more could you ask for? Give them a call and tell them Laura sent you, you won't be disappointed"

Laura Cumberland

"Mavi Unlimited has been extremely helpful during our relocation. My partner and I moved here for medical reasons and not only have they made it easy for us to get settled in a home we love and didn't think we could afford, but maintenance has been prompt for minor problems that came up. All were resolved quickly. I like that we have the cell phone # of our manager so when we need something, it is handled quickly. Thank you!"