Introducing Mid Term Rental Management

A "mid-term" rental typically refers to a rental arrangement that lasts from one month to a year, bridging the gap between short-term vacation rentals and long-term leases. Unlike short-term rentals, which often cater to tourists or vacationers for stays of a few days to weeks, mid-term rentals are designed for individuals or families seeking temporary housing for a more extended period. This type of rental is popular among professionals on temporary assignments (think business executives, traveling nurses), people relocating and searching for a permanent home to buy (maybe someone waiting for their new home to be built), or insurance related issues where someone's home has been affected by fire, flood, etc and needs to be vacated and extensively repaired. The flexibility in lease duration provides an attractive alternative for those who need more stability than short-term options but are not ready for the commitment of a long-term lease.


Denver Vacation Rental Management

Mid-term rentals often come fully furnished, down to the smallest details like silverware and spice racks, offering convenience and eliminating the need for renters to outfit their home themselves., They typically include utilities and amenities in the rental price, making budgeting simpler and reducing the hassle of setting up new services. This type of rental arrangement provides a blend of the convenience of short-term rentals with some of the operational effectiveness of a long term rental. While there is a considerable amount of transition, you may have just 2 or 3 renters during the course of a year. Additionally, the pricing is often at a sizable premium over the typical 12 month long term tenant. The "all in" pricing model, along with the amenities of a completely furnished home similar to a vacation home, and lease flexibility can lead to some fantastic rents.

Mavi Unlimited is proud to offer full service, concierge level help for managing your mid term rental. We typically ask for at least a 30 day stay to adhere to local municipal and community restrictions, and we have the infrastructure to support the higher frequency "make ready" or "turn" work in between tenants. Additionally, we can help guide you on furnishings, artwork, linens, and the rest of the details. Our management fee for this service is typically higher than what we charge on a standard long term rental, but once again, the rents received are often at a premium compared to the average 12 month lease. For more information, reach out to us using the form and see if your property is a good fit for this unique service offering!

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